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AIDS Controversy in Classrooms

Parents in New York City lined up to complain a new lesson for kindergartners educating them about HIV and the risk of AIDS.

Concerned parents are joining their congressman to call for a suspension of the program.

"Five is not the right age. That's why I think they should bring this plan back to the drawing board, said Vito Fossella, (R) New York.

"I think that they do need to be aware of it, but I don't think they need to be aware of it in kindergarten and even up to fifth grade. I mean, maybe and intermediate level," said Shari Piscitelli, a concerned mother.

We may hear a lot about this new controversy but the fact is the Department of Education says AIDS education has been a part of the K-12 curriculum since 1987 with an emphasis on disease prevention in the early grades like frequent hand washing to keep from spreading germs. Parents in New York are upset after hearing the curriculum was updated in December but the lessons in the early grades are essentially the same.

And by the way, we checked at the LISD office today and found there is no mention of HIV or AIDS education until 5th or 6 grade in Lubbock schools.

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