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Robert Salazar Executed for 1997 Murder of Lubbock Toddler

After nine years, friends and family of 2-year-old Adriana Gomez say justice has finally been served. Just after 6pm on Wednesday, they watched the man who killed Adriana, die.

Robert Salazar was executed in Huntsville Wednesday evening. He beat his girlfriend's daughter Adriana to death in their central Lubbock home in April of 1997. Court testimony claimed the severe injuries were comparable to those usually seen as a result severe car crash.

Salazar filed a total of three appeals since his execution date was set last October. All were denied. NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy was in Huntsville to witness Salazar's execution and has this report.

According to state documents, Robert Salazar had continued to deny beating to death 2-year-old Adriana Gomez. We spoke to a friend of the family Erlinda Castro who witnessed the execution. She came here to hear Salazar finally confess to killing the toddler.

"I just want to know why. How could he do this? Why won't he admit it. Even before he dies, I'd like to know why and would he admit to what he did," said Erlinda.

But that didn't happen. Salazar's last words were quote "everybody on both sides, I love you both. I'm sorry that child had to lose her life but I should not be here. I want to tell my family, I love them. I'll see you in heaven. I'm done. Again, I love you all."

You could hear crying in the other word from inmate side of the witness area, but Cecelia says she did not see any emotions from the witness side. She watched Salazar take a few heavy breaths. He closed his eyes and that was it. Salazar was put to death by lethal injection. A doctor announced him dead by 6:20pm Wednesday evening. A total of six people watched Salazar die, including Raylean Torres, Adriana's mother, who now lives in Minnesota.

A Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesperson told us Salazar's mother is handling the burial. Salazar has been on death row since April of 1999.

Salazar's last meal included a dozen tamales, six brownies, refried beans with chorizo, two rollo candies, six hard shell tacos with lettuce, three big red sodas, ketchup, hot sauce, six jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, cheese, and extra ground beef.

Lubbock Man Executed For Murder of 2-Year-Old Child
The State of Texas has executed Robert Salazar. The Lubbock man received the death penalty for the April 1997 murder of his girlfriend's daughter, 2-year-old Adriana Gomez. NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy spoke with a friend of the victim who went to Huntsville to witness the execution.

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