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Child Dies From Lead Poisoning

Reebok, normally known for its shoes, is recalling about 300,000 silver colored heart shaped charm bracelets. It was a free gift with the purchase of some kids footwear but apparently, a 4-year-old in Minnesota swallowed a piece of the bracelet and died of lead poisoning.

"Once it's in the body it can block several enzymes and cause neurologic toxicities, convulsions, abdominal pain and unfortunately, it mimics many other diseases which makes it difficult for doctors to quickly diagnose," said Dr. Zack Spigelman, a menatologist.

Dr. Spigelman also says every year, a number of kids get lead poisoning from swallowing lead chips in toys, paint, or decorations. That's why parents need to be watchful of what kids put in their mouths because lead poisoning can be treated, if it is diagnosed quickly.

As for the bracelet, it was made in China and Reebok is investigating.

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