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HealthWise at 5 From 3.24

  • Pill Reminder

Prescription medications help improve and maintain health, but about 30 percent of patients miss doses on a regular basis. Now a new gadget melds cell phone text messaging with a pill bottle, creating a system that reminds you to take your meds. The "SimPill" device transmits a message to a central computer when you open the pill bottle. But if you miss the scheduled dose time, a text message will ring your cell phone. The device has been in use overseas, and just recently became available in the US.

  • Springtime Slim Down

Though it's barely springtime its not a moment too soon to start rehabbing your body for swimsuit season! To get your body back in respectable shape for something more revealing than a winter coat, sports doctors from Temple University hospital in Philadelphia have a plan. Start with a low-impact aerobic activity, such as elliptical trainer exercise or swimming three times a week. Then pick another three days for weight training exercises, starting with weights you can safely lift.

  • "Healthy" Marriages

A close marriage can make life a joy. That closeness has some health benefits too, especially if you're facing a scary situation. Researchers from the University of Virginia measured activity in the brains of women who were given mildly painful shocks. Women who held the hands of their husbands had the greatest decrease in the "threat" response, while those who didn't have a hand to hold had the greatest stress reaction.

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