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Should the Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M Game Move?

New developments in a story that has sparked conversations and even controversy. Should the Texas Tech, Texas A&M game move to Dallas? Many local businesses say, no, but the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce says it wants to hear from all its members, again.

"That weekend is probably, the most positive economic weekend that we have during the entire year," Lubbock Chamber of Commerce President Eddie McBride says.

He says Lubbock businesses generate an estimated $12 million the weekend of the Texas Tech - A&M football game. That's about $4 million more than any other football weekend.

"That A&M game, for some reason, the economic phenomena is such that it is the best weekend that we have in town," adds McBride.

If the game were moved to Dallas, area businesses would most likely see a drop in revenue. Texas Tech on the other hand would see an increase.

"There is a tremendous difference in what can be drawn as far as revenue for Tech Athletic's program," McBride said.

Thursday, TTU Athletic Director Gerald Myers told the chamber that Texas Tech makes about $2 million every other year when A&M plays in Lubbock, but Tech could make $4 million to $5 million every year if the game is played in Dallas. That's the focus of the new survey.

"Based on this information about how profitable it could be for the athletics department does that change their mind on how important this game is on that weekend," McBride said.

Within four hours of sending out the survey, the chamber received about 400 responses. Almost all saying the same thing.

"What I think we're going to see is that yes it still is an impact on that weekend for their business, and they still want to keep the game here," McBride said.

The bottom line is Tech, like any other business, will make the decision that is best for the business.

"We're very understanding of what Coach Myers is trying to do for the athletics program. But we're also very interested in making sure that our members in the business community get to comment on this," McBride said.

Myers also mentioned recruiting as another reason for considering the move. He also told the chamber that no decision has yet been made at either school. The final decision will be made by Tech's Board of Regents.

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Take the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce TTU A&M Game Relocation Survey
The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce has issued a survey to determine whether or not feelings have changed with regards to the potential relocation to the Texas Tech and Texas A&M game.

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