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The Omelet Pan: Does It Work?

Flip, flip...and there you have it! That perfect omelet in the morning. You can do it using Chef Giornali's pan. His picture on the box looks like someone you can trust. But let's really see, Does it Work?

This is how it works: when you pull the switch, it flips the egg on each side. Your package comes with two scramblers that I found handy.

It says to use cooking spray before using it. I poured the egg on the pan and let it cook. Then I added the ham and cheese in the middle of the egg. When the egg was ready, I pulled the first switch and then the second one. Not just once, I had to pull the lever a couple of times to shake the egg off the pan.

I tried it again. This time using two eggs instead of three and less ingredients. Would this be enough to get the pan working? The first flip was successful. It was the second flip that wasn't. I tried to re-adjust and flip again but to no avail it slipped again. Before I could try it again, the pan broke. Actually, a screw came loose and fell into the sink disposal. I tried to find it, but all I found was foreign objects that was not a screw.

The Omelet Pan is not worth the $20, it doesn't work!

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