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Floam: Does It Work?

"It's funny, it's hard," said two Frenship Bennett Intermediate students. Riley Reding and Faith Gregg are talking about this product called Floam. Funny name for sure. It is supposed to let you make ordinary things look super cool. Riley's used it before. "Me and a few buddies thought it would be fun to have a war. We made little balls and threw them at each other," said Riley.

That's an aggressive approach, but let's keep this test friendly shall we? Your package comes with four containers of different colors that you can mix together to get another color. It costs us $20, but Does It Work?

This product claims it can stick to just about anything. "I'll use the megaphone," said Riley. Faith used a flower vase. The first thing we all noticed is that the Floam wasn't sticking to the objects very well at first. Riley and Faith figured it out though by sticking the Floam to itself.

I got in on the action using the Styrofoam head and immediately found the product difficult to use to decorate. "The agony of defeat," said Riley. The product was not greasy by the touch. It was more moist and not really that sticky.

All three of us continued to work with this crazy stuff. It felt like Silly Putty mixed with beads of Styrofoam.

We finished our art pieces. Riley made a volcano with his megaphone. It did not look bad. He had to use a lot of the Floam to make it stay.

Faith decorated her glass vase and I finished the Styrofoam head. Ours seemed to be melting right off our objects.

"I think you have to work fast to make something look good. I would say it doesn't work," said Riley.

The kid expert has spoken! Maybe Riley's first idea of the product was right.

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