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Fertility Capsule Helps Women Get Pregnant

In standard in vitro fertilization, the egg and sperm are joined in a lab, and incubated in a machine designed to seem like the inside of a woman's body. Now, fertility specialist Randy Morris is trying something new.

He's part of a study exploring the idea of using the woman's body to incubate the eggs. In this case, nine eggs come from Melissa's ovaries, and go into this tiny vial with her husband's sperm, it then goes into a sealed capsule. Then, instead of a lab, the capsule incubates for three days in the vagina. So, that's where the sperm and the egg become a baby.

"I'm carrying my own embryos, they're fertilizing themselves, which was more natural," said Melissa Bushell, who hopes the surgery works for her. When doctors remove the capsule from Melissa, they found three healthy embryos. Then, those were transferred into the womb. Melissa is early in her pregnancy now with three embryos. More study is needed. But one benefit is easy to see. Incubating the eggs inside the woman would save thousands of dollars that would have paid for incubation in the lab.

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