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Telepharmacy Brings Earth Closer to Lubbock

Texas Tech went high tech again today bringing Earth a little closer to Lubbock. I'm talking about Earth, Texas a tiny town about miles north of here. People who live in Earth have always had to drive a long way to find a pharmacy until today.

Texas Tech Health Sciences Center officially launched its Telepharmacy project which means that when a prescription is written at the clinic in Earth, patients there can immediately be connected to a pharmacist in Lubbock who can authorize and dispense pre-packaged drugs already at the clinic in what looks like a vending machine. Also with teleconferencing, the pharmacist can counsel the patient on how to use the drug just as any pharmacist would talk to a customer over the counter. Except that in this case, both faces are on TV screens miles apart.

The tele-pharmacy project is just one more facet of the Health Science Center's ongoing effort to reach patients in remote areas of west Texas. "I love the convenience. When we got a prescription from a doctor before we had the telepharmacy, we had to travel to another city to have the prescription filled so this is wonderful having it right here in town," said Christie, a first time user of the telepharmacy program.

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