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Owner of Little Panda Building Told to Take Action

The city is now taking action against the company who owns Little Panda and the remaining Taco Bell buildings in Lubbock.

23-year-old Tara Wilson was killed and ten others injured when the roof of the Little Panda Restaurant in Lubbock caved-in last month. Inspectors believe the problem was a combination of high winds on the day of the collapse, and poor building design and maintenance.

Investigators have pinpointed the problem area where they say a beam is not anchored correctly. There are three similar buildings still standing in Lubbock. One at 4644 50th, one at 2312 19th and one at 1308 50th.

The two are vacant and were both built in 1977 by Sloan Construction. That's the same company who built Little Panda. Both buildings have the same design issues.

The Josie's Location on 50th Street was built by a separate building and inspectors say it does not have the same problems.

So, inspectors are asking the owner of the other three buildings to take immediate action. They want a fence put up around the two vacant buildings.

Within 90 days, Trustreet Company must do one of the following: Demolish the structures, remove the problem beam or hire a structural engineer to conduct an independent analysis.

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