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A New Mirror Is Used to Predict the Future

I know I don't want this for Christmas but researchers in France have come up with a mirror that allows you to look into the future and see how your face will change as you age. It looks like a normal bathroom mirror, but it's not. It's integrated with a variety of sensors, which pick up on what you've been eating, how you've been exercising, so on and so forth. The second point is that the mirror is digital, i.e. it can change what you look like.

"It doesn't have to be a true reflection, but it can take into account what perhaps you might look like in five to ten years time," said Martin Illsley, the Director of Accenture Research. The mirror uses cameras and special software to produce an image of your face in the future. Researchers are hoping people will use this to motivate people to change their unhealthy habits before the mirror image becomes a real image in the future.

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