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Immigration Issues Hit Close to Lubbock

NewsChannel 11 has found out that thousands of illegal immigrants are working in the Lubbock area.

For them, finding a job is about word of mouth. Two other options are a places on Avenue Q, near downtown Lubbock. They are referred to as "day labor corners." It is just one of two places in Lubbock were illegal immigrants know they can find work. They typically just wait on the steps until someone pulls up willing to pay them cash for a days work.

We spoke to a contractor who says he knows the illegal immigrants are working mostly in construction and on farms. "They're not demanding like the locals. They're trying to make a living just like everyone else," said Homer Ortega, Lubbock businessman.

Border patrol agents say they arrest on average 1,600 illegal immigrants in the Lubbock and Amarillo area a year. How do they get here? Border patrol agents say by bus or the illegals pay someone to smuggle them over the States.

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