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HealthWise at 5 From 4.10

  • Botox Related to Cancer?

Botox is popular among youth-seekers to relax wrinkles. Now some research points to the botulinum neurotoxin as a potential aid in cancer treatment. In the journal, 'Clinical Cancer Research', Belgian researchers have found the botulinum toxin opens blood vessels in tumors. By opening the blood pathways, chemo treatment and even radiation therapy was more potent in the cancerous areas. The scientists say more research needs to be done before this approach is used on a regular basis.

  • Seaweed Bubbles

A unique therapy aims to help type one diabetes patients produce insulin in their own bodies using seaweed-based capsules to hold the cells. Australian researchers fill in tiny capsules to hold the cells. Australian researchers fill tiny capsules made from seaweed to hold donated slet (eyelet) cells, the key cells in insulin production. In a current study, capsules are injected into a patient's abdomen approximately three different times over the course of a year or longer. The capsules protect the islet cells from attack by the immune system, and allow insulin flow out.

  • Sibling Effect

Older siblings can be great role models but their influence can also open the door to some troubling habits. A study from the university of Queensland in Australia found drug and alcohol-using older siblings tempted more than half of the younger ones to try drinking. The influence in smoking wasn't quite as strong with about 40% lighting up when their older brother or sister smoked.

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