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Babysitters Learn How to Become Super Sitters

Sharon Evans is a registered nurse. She's teaching pre-teens and teens how to change diapers not only on their brothers and sisters but on anyone they may babysit. Eleven year-old Kaitlyn Creel says, "I really enjoy babysitting and I've done it before and I want to know how to become a better babysitter." Twelve year-old Bailey Thomas agrees. She says, "I have watched kids before and I thought it would be good if I came to the class and learned more about it in case anything happened."

In this class, babysitters learn how to change diapers and burp babies. They also learn how to react in emergency situations. Evans teaches the difference between helping a baby who's choking and a toddler or adult who's choking. The babysitters practice these safety procedures on their dolls and each other.

Evans says, "We go over a lot of safety issues and basic child development." By the end of the class, these girls are armed with safety skills they need to be responsible babysitters. Creel says she's learned this important lesson. "You have to watch them with both eyes at all time or something will happen."

Each sitter leaves the class with a certificate, a babysitting bag and even some advertising ideas for attracting new clients.

Anyone ages 10 to 15 can enroll in the Super Sitters Babysitting Class. The next class will be Saturday, April 29th at the Garden and Arts Center. The cost is $40 per students. To register, call (806) 767-3724.

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