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Pinion Wins Lubbock County Clerk Run-Off Election

The votes are final. Kelly Pinion will be Lubbock's next county clerk. Pinion won with 62% of the vote. Mike Arismendez had 38%.

Arismendez says he is surprised by the results. He held his watch-party at Caprock Home Health Care of Lubbock. Supporters there were hopeful the numbers would take a turn in his favor. In the end, the gap in the percentage of votes remained too large.

"There was a lot of negativity that took place and a lot of half truths. There was information put out to the voting public. I just know my campaign was run in a positive way. My campaign was run on the issues. That is what I will continue to stick with," said Arismendez.

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Pinion will replace current Lubbock County Clerk Doris Ruff who did not run for re-election. Pinion will serve a four year term and make an annual salary of $53,000.

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Early voting has begun in the April 11th runoff election. On the Republican ballot, voters will choose who will win the nomination for Lubbock County Clerk but do you know what the county clerk actually does? NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy asked several people on the street and found some had no clue.

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