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The Flavor Point Diet

Ever wonder how you can stuff yourself with a big meal, but somehow still find a little room for dessert? A Connecticut doctor who teaches at Yale has a theory on that and it's the basis for his new book called the Flavor Point Diet.

"The appetite center of the brain is hardwired so that each different flavor category in food stimulates different cells there. The more flavors you jumble together in any one meal, snack, or mouthful, the more appetite you turn on, the more calories it takes to feel full," said Dr. David Katz, Flavor Point Diet.

Dr. Katz' concept is people should arrange the flavors carefully so they can eat delicious food, but the brain can fill up sooner on fewer calories. Because you learn that when you reach that point of feeling satisfied from all the flavors, that's the so-called flavor point, and you push your plate away.

We checked and here in Lubbock the book is a special order at Hastings and Barnes and Noble carries it, but it's out of stock right now.

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