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HealthWise at 5 From 4.12

  • Family Snoring

A study of more than 600 one-year-olds found those whose parents snored were three times more likely to snore than other kids. Children with allergies were twice as likely to snore compared to those without allergies. Researchers who are from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center say parents who hear children snoring should tell their doctor because it's important to diagnose the problem early. Snoring can be linked to behavioral and cognitive problems later as kids get older. In children with disordered breathing, removing tonsils and adenoids, or using a special breathing machine may be necessary.

  • Ear Phone Surge

Hearing concerns are swirling around the use of ear buds and similar listening devices. Now MP3 users have more reason to listen up. A safety organization in Norway recently warned that off brand earphones often don't have noise limiting features, leading to the chance of blasted eardrums. Now, another warning from the group: static electricity, from devices as common as TV's, can cause a sound surge in the earphones. For more information ( click here).

  • Uppers Gender

Men are much more likely to abuse amphetamines than women and now experts know why. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University gave amphetamines to 43 men and women, and then monitored their brain reaction using pet scans. They found men were much more likely to release dopamine, often called a pleasure hormone. Researchers say the increase in dopamine means they experience more of the drug's effect, which may make it more addictive to men. Researchers hope to use this information to treat people with amphetamine abuse issues.

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