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The Sweep N Mop: Does It Work?

When I bought my Sweep N Mop online, they sent me two in my package. This mop has a ribbed sponge that, not only absorbs spills, but it can sweep dirt as well. For twenty bucks, I got a deal. But, Does It Work?

Before I started the test, I had to soak the sponge for three minutes to soften it. That gave me plenty of time to spill dirt, coffee grounds, and lemonade on a linoleum floor.

Immediately, I noticed the Sweep N Mop was not doing a good job picking up the mess. It was leaving piles behind on the floor. Plus, I was doing a lot of walking back and forth to the sink to rinse off the debris.

I tried cleaning with multiple sweeps without going back to the sink, but the other way worked best.

Does the Sweep N Mop work? Sort of. But it was more of a hassle to use than a convenience.

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