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Mumps Scare Continues

An update on the Mumps. It's not good if you live in the Midwest. The U.S. has recorded an average of about 250 cases a year. In Iowa alone, there are more than 500 possible cases of Mumps reported since the first of this year. With more than 100 other cases reported in 8 other midwestern states, mostly in college students. And while the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine is highly effective it isn't 100%.

"This vaccine is great, its a wonderful vaccine, but its not perfect, its only about 95% effective, at best, so when there are infectious cases, people will get sick," said Dr. Anne Moscona of Cornell Medical School. Since the vaccine was introduced 17 years ago, the number of Mumps cases has sharply declined, but the current outbreak is a reminder, the disease is still a threat. Lucky for us, there are still no cases here, according to LISD.

There's no specific treatment for Mumps. Symptoms include pain or swelling on the jaw near the ear lobe, fever, headache, loss of appetite, and fatigue. It isn't fatal but in rare cases, it can cause complications, even sterility in boys.

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