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Public Involvement in More City of Lubbock Decisions

What if you had a say-so on who gets pay raises down at Lubbock city hall?

That's just one of many changes the Lubbock city council is considering. During a special meeting, councilman Gary Boren proposed that more executive decisions be discussed out in the open and with more input from you, the tax payers.

Boren wants the tax-payers to know when and how city decisions are being made. Those decisions would include setting salaries and hiring outside attorneys and contractors. Right now, a lot of those decisions are made behind closed doors or in "executive sessions." They are meetings even the media is not allowed to attend.

Councilman Boren's proposal would allow you, the tax payer, to know how city government will spend your money.

NewsChannel 11 asked Boren why he waited to make the proposal now as opposed to earlier during his city elected term. "The city of Lubbock has gone through the biggest financial times, with Lubbock Power and Light and the West Texas Municipal Power Agency. We have fixed that. We're a dynamic city and have a bright future ahead of us," said Boren.

Councilwoman Phyllis Jones says her concern is that the proposal doesn't let upper management do their jobs. Jones voted for the adoption under the condition a committee can review the proposal. She wants to make sure top management isn't micro-managed by elected officials. "We need to look at that and flush that out. We need to be sure to give our city manager authority she needs to run this city. That's her job," said Jones.

In about one month, two committees made of citizens and another of three council members, they will review, reword, and hash out the proposal before the council makes a final decision on it.

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