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Green Light Laser Surgery Available in Lubbock

Remember Allen Fritz? Recently, he put aside his embarrassment to share a miserable problem. Allen Fritz enlarged prostate patient.

"I was getting up in the middle of the night, running to the bathroom four to five times in the evening," said Allen. Half the men over age 50 have the same problem as Allen. It's called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, which is a fancy way to say the prostate has enlarged so much that it squeezes the urethra and literally shuts off a man's pipeline to the bathroom.

Medication can help. And if not, there's always the TURP procedure which is like a roto-rooter the way it drills away some of the prostate to clear the way for urination. There is a newer option we showed you when you met Allen called the green light laser. Unfortunately, the company website gave a map of every doctor using the green light and Lubbock was not on the map. That information was wrong.

The good news is you don't have to leave Lubbock to get the green light laser for an enlarged prostate. Many urologists in Lubbock are providing this now because it is such an effective to way to fix a troubling problem.

"Instead of roto-rootering the prostate with electrical energy, you use laser energy and basically melt away the prostate tissue and that opens up the channel and allows the person to pee better. The advantage is that is an outpatient surgery so you come in and go home the same day," said Dr. Scott Spore of Cornerstone Urology.

The benefits don't stop there. "It's concentrated in the blood vessels. So, immediately as it vaporizes, it coagulates, seals it off, so the amount of bleeding is practically nonexistent. And we can use it on patients on blood thinners or aspirin," said Dr. Jeorge Brothers a Urologist. So, the green light laser can treat more high risk patients and older patients with a low risk of complications.

So now, let's go back to our patient for his review after having this done. "Well no sexual loss, no dribbling. I feel like a new man and I feel I can urinate like I was fifteen years old," said Allen. The two things to remember; first the new green light laser brings an 80 to 90 percent success rate for prostate problems. Second, all the following doctors are providing this outpatient procedure in Lubbock now: Dr. Scott Spore, Dr. Jeorge Brothers, Dr.David Aronoff, Dr. Obie Stalcup, Dr. Girish Vallabhan, Dr. Carl Britton, Dr. Manoj Khandheria.

So, if you're a man struggling with some of the problems Allen shared with us, talk to your doctor about the green light laser. It is a thirty minute procedure that could greatly impact your life.

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