Cabling & Bracing

There is one completely inescapable fact about the High Plains of West Texas, the wind blows. Chicago just thinks it is the windy city.

Sharp branch angles and co-dominant stems are weak branch unions that are much more susceptible to failure in a windstorm. Some trees have an inherent tendency to have sharp angle crotches. Many of these can be avoided by properly training young trees.

Multi-trunk trees have been widely planted over the last 40 years. Multi-trunk have, by definition, co-dominant stems.

As the branch or trunk increases in girth, bark becomes trapped and eventually becomes included in the wood. As weight, leverage, and wind sail increase, there comes a time that the amount of joined wood is not sufficient to withstand the forces. That is why Tree Loving Care tends to be pretty busy for the couple of days after every spring thunderstorm, doing storm clean up.

Cabling and bracing systems can add strength to trees and preserve the integrity of the tree for many years. They should also be inspected annually. Trees grow.

TREE LOVING CARE may, in many cases, be able to add many years to the life of your tree with appropriate cabling and bracing.