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New Drug Helps with Arthritis in Children

We think of arthritis as something that hits when we get old, but it can strike kids, too. In fact, one type can leave kids in constant pain, and there hasn't been an effective treatment. Until now. For Avril, it started with a fever and rashes that wouldn't go away and pain that spread to every part of her body.

"She would complain her neck hurt. Her fingers hurt, her knees hurt, and they kept saying it was symptoms of the flu. She had almost quit eating because she had it in her jaw bones," said Avril's grandmother. But she knew it wasn't the flu.

Finally, Pediatric Rheumatologist Phillip Hashkes diagnosed Avril with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, or JIA for short and he put her on the drug Kineret. "It was literally a miracle drug. The day after she got this medicine, all her other symptoms were gone," said Hashkes.

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