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HealthWise at 5 From 4.17

  • Early Meningitis Signs

The earlier meningitis is diagnosed the better, but symptoms often don't show up until the infection has progressed. A new study finds there are some earlier signs of meningitis to watch for. The study, in "the lancet," found nearly three-fourths of meningitis patients share common symptoms in the first eight hours. Among them, severe leg pain, pale of bluish lips, and cold hands and feet in combination with a fever. More recognized symptoms like a rash and neck stiffness don't occur until 12 or more hours into the illness.

  • Wireless VNS

Vagus Nerve Stimulation offers a unique way to treat epilepsy and depression. Now, researchers hope to take the idea to an even less invasive level. Currently, hardware for VNS therapy is implanted in the chest and then a wire is threaded up the neck and attached to the nerve. A university of Pittsburgh technology, called radio frequency-powered neural stimulation, goes smaller. Instead of the chest, a device is implanted in the neck and a shorter wire wraps around the vacus nerve.

  • Fatty Fries

How fat you are depends on where you are. That's according to Danish researchers who have been feasting on french fries world wide. Turns out, they say the nutritional value of food from KFC and McDonald's, for example, varies from city to city in some nations. The reason is that some countries only allow trace amounts of trans fat in restaurant food and that's why they found that a large fry and chicken nugget combo at McDonalds in new York city contains ten point two grams of fat. But the same meal in Denmark has barely any fat at all, just zero point three grams in Denmark.

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