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Mystery Continues In Tasing Death of Lubbock Man

It remains a mystery exactly how a Lubbock man died after an incident with Lubbock Police.

Around 11pm Sunday Officer Matt Doherty responded to a domestic disturbance in the 4200 block of Jarvis. According to police reports, Juan Nunez's actions forced Doherty to tase him. Police then noticed the 27-year-old was in distress when he was put in handcuffs. Family members say Nunez was tased, then fell and hit his head before he died.

The medical examiner has finished Nunez's autopsy report, which will determine the exact cause of death. However, that report has not yet been released.

We've learned Nunez was engaged to be married. He graduated from Texas Tech and became an accomplished artist. He started a mural at Jessie's Restaurant on Saturday, but he never got to finish it.

"He's a number one in mariachi, that's why we put them here," said Juan Garcia, a friend of Nunez.

Garcia and Nunez became friends five years ago when Nunez offered to do artwork for Garcia's business. "This one he made me over here," said Garcia.

Nunez kept his promise and Jesse's Mexican Restaurant is now covered with cultural murals. Even though one of Garcia's best friends is gone. Nunez left his mark on the restaurant and those who knew him.

"I got to know him, this five years I've known him he was just a part of my life and I'm going to miss him," said Garcia.

Garcia says Nunez became like a brother to him and was always a positive thinker.

"That's why I liked to be with him, he always turned things around, not bad but good. That's what it was," said Garcia.

Garcia also tells us Nunez had studied Jiu-Jitsu for years. "He told me to buy these gloves. He told me he was going to teach me to tap out! But I never got to use them," said Garcia.

Garcia doesn't know what took place between Nunez and the officer who tased him Sunday night, but Garcia says Nunez would not physically threaten the officer or his family.

"He wouldn't have hurt that officer. I knew he had the skills to do it, that I can tell you, but I know he wouldn't have taken it to that. He was smarter than that," said Garcia.

Nunez was supposed to finish the mural this week and Garcia says he's going to leave it just like it is.

Lubbock Man Dies After Incident Involving a Taser with Lubbock Police
The search for answers is now beginning after a Lubbock man dies within minutes of being tased by police. Now police are trying to determine exactly how 27-year-old Juan Nunez III died. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire has been following this developing story and has the latest.

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