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HealthWise at 5 From 4.19

  • Survey of Health Care

A survey of more than 300 hundred public health care workers found 46 percent likely would not go to work during an influenza pandemic. Sixty six percent considered themselves at risk for getting sick. Perception of an individual's importance was the single most important reason for an employee's willingness to respond. Researchers say a preparation plan should not only focus on knowledge and skills but also the willingness to report to work.

  • Bush and National Pandemic

Meanwhile, in the next two weeks, President Bush is expected to approve a national pandemic response plan. It will outline how federal agencies would continue functioning during a flu outbreak. The plan includes guidelines on which front-line workers should be vaccinated first and how to expand Internet capacity to handle an estimated 40-percent of people who will choose to work instead from their home computers.

  • Birth Spacing

The amount of time between a woman's pregnancies could affect her health and the health of her baby. A review of over sixty studies found women who became pregnant six months after giving birth had an increased risk for pre term birth and low birth weight babies. On the other hand, women who waited five years between babies were also at risk for the same complications. Researchers say the best time to have another child appears to be two to five years after a pregnancy.

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