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Video Game For Kids With Cancer

Kids with cancer now have a new weapon to help them beat their disease.

It's a video game called Remission. Some believe it is helping kids with cancer because it encourages them to stick to their treatment regimen. 15-year-old Dan Neuman was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago and he says the game provides a fun way to learn about cancer and how careful treatment kills the bad guy, the cancer cells.

"A lot of little kids were my roommates and often they didn't want to take pills. But i think if they had played this game they would have been more interested and see the effects of their medicine and what they were doing," said Dan.

"What we know about Remission is for those kids who played it did much better at taking their chemotherapy as prescribed, taking their antibiotics more," said Pat Christen the Hopelab President.

Remission is made by Hopelab and it's designed according to feedback from oncologists and cancer patients. Hopelab is providing the game free to kids with cancer, although donations are appreciated.

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