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The Just-A-Trim: Does It Work?

If you don't have time to go to your hair stylist get a sharp between haircuts style using Just-A-Trim. The product was only $10, but Does It Work?

The product has two snap on guides that will cut your hair shorter or longer. It depends on what you want. NewsChannel 11's own John Robison agreed to let us test this product on his hair. He says he could use a trim.

The Just-A-Trim was easy to run in through your hair like your combing it. After using it for a few minutes, we could see that it was cutting off the hair, about one half an inch.

"Can you tell?" asked NC11. "Yeah, I can tell where it smoothed it out. I know you went easy on the front. I can tell on the sides," said John.

I gave the product to John to see if he could use it. He said it was easy to use. "It's amazing that its still going fast and its not pulling the hair," said John.

When we were through, we asked John if he thought the product worked? "It looks good. Doesn't look like it did any cuts that are noticeable" he replied. The Just-A-Trim works!

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