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Pawning Possessions To Pay High Price At The Pump

"Definitely hitting the pocket. Gas is expensive now," said one man filling up his truck.

"I'll probably have to park my suburban because $20 is not getting me too far," said another man.

Twenty dollars is not cutting it for a lot of people. That's why Empire Pawnbroker Dru Vowell is seeing more customers come into his store. "We have 5-10 people a day just at this store to come in to borrow money to get gas," said Dru.

The same rings true for Galaxy Pawnbroker Bill Roberts. "The crunch has gotten really bad, people are hurting and they're doing whatever they need to do to get gas," said Bill.

People are pawning "jewelry, camera equipment," "anything they don't need," "musical instruments, amps, guns. Anything they've got," said Dru.

The highest gas prices we found in Lubbock are $2.89. The lowest is $2.75 at Walmart.

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