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Seven Hour Standoff Ends, But Search Not Over

What started as a family dispute turned into a 7 hour standoff and ended in the search for the suspect. The standoff started around 10:30am Friday at 9610 North County Road 9740 in northeast Lubbock County. It was finally called off at 5:30pm Friday, but now authorites are looking for the man accused of starting the standoff.

It started with a call to 911. But when sheriff's deputies arrived, 32-year-old Shawn Loveless fled out the back door. Unknowingly, his mother told law enforcement he was still inside the house.

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Department along with the Lubbock Bomb Squad used non-leathel forces, to get Loveless out of his parent's home friday afternoon.

"What we have found is that the family quarreling, and the 32-year-old male was very distraught about the family and the heated disagreement," Lubbock County Sheriff David Guiterrez said.

The disagreement was apparently over a move. The mother reportedly told authorites that loveless loaded a shotgun and threatened to do harm.

"There's apparently been some conern from his past behavior (which is) the reason they called us," Gutierrez said.

When deputies arrived the mother met them outside and loveless followed.

"We pulled up and he ran back in the house," Gutierrez said.

That's when the standoff began. Law enforcement used shot-guns loaded with bean-bags, as well as pepper-ball-guns to get Loveless out of the house. Outside, deputies had to carry Loveless' mother away. After hours of no communication, a tatical robot was sent into the house.

"The robot performed just admorably. That robot was a savior. It keeps human from going into the house, it did a thurough search of the house exceptional search of the house and the attic," Gutierrez said. When nothing was found the bomb squad went in.

"We searched the house, every area of the house, including the attic, all surrounding buildings and did not locate the indidual. Before we could secure the house he must have gone out the back door," Gutierrez said. "We did find all the weapons in the house, including the shot gun she was reffering too. There were several long-gun shots, shotguns and hands guns. We did locate all the weapons."

Right now authorizes are still looking for 32-year-old Shawn Loveless. He is not believed to be armed. They say it's an absolute must that loveless gets an emergency mental evaluation. If you known loveless, or know his whereabouts, authorities ask that you call the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office at 775-1465 . For Your Mobile Devices
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