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Lubbock County Jail Uniforms Unintentionally On Sale to the Public

A bad batch of Lubbock County Jail uniforms are hitting the market place. Nineteen Massachusetts stores are selling uniforms that were originally ordered for inmates in the Lubbock County Jail. The uniforms won't be debuting in any fashion shows but the outfits are being sold for their shock value.

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Department cautions you against buying or wearing these uniforms because it could mean serious consequences for those who wear them in public.

In January, Lubbock County placed a routine order for two-thousand new uniforms. But what happened next was anything but ordinary.

"A couple of days ago I received a call from a Massachusetts news paper in Boston and they were inquiring about Lubbock County Jail uniforms," stated Sheriff David Guitierrez.

The uniforms didn't meet Lubbock County's standards for material or color.

"We did not accept the order and sent the shipment back to a Pennsylvania company," replied Sheriff Guitierrez.

Recently Sheriff Gutierrez discovered the uniforms are now for sale to the public and even available on E-Bay for twenty to thirty dollars. Guitierrez has contacted the manufacturing company.

"They have apologized they just don't know what happened. But, I have a pretty good idea that they just had to move those uniforms and try to make a little bit of money on them," said Gutierrez.

He hopes this doesn't set a trend with counties selling jail uniforms. And, for those who do wear the uniforms in public the consequences can be serious.

"We are not going to be responsible for any situations that might derive from someone wearing one of these uniforms. I would not advise anyone to wear any type of detention clothing. It is just not in the best interest of the person wearing it out in public. A police officer could stop to detain to question to see if the person is an escapee," said Gutierrez.

In the state of Texas anyone who is suspected to be a jail or prison escapee can be legally detained and officers can use deadly force if necessary.

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