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Church Members Finally Have a Place to Call Home

For two years the congregation of Brownfield Church of Christ has been waiting for a place to call home. Their church burned to the ground leaving nothing but ashes and lost memories two years ago and Sunday they were able to hold a service in their own brand new church for the first time.

The cause of the fire was never determined, but it's that mystery that makes some in the congregation wonder if a fire could've been a blessing in disguise.

"I never dreamed I'd be out here watching my church burn," that was church member Debra Graham two years ago, she saw firsthand 20 years of memories go up in smoke.

"My home, my home away from home. I probably lived here more than I did at home," said Graham.

Sunday morning, Debra and the congregation at the Brownfield Church of Christ had something to sing about.

"I can't express it. I was the building and grounds keeper here for 20 years. God has blessed us so much. It took nearly two years for the church of Christ to emerge from the ashes."

Some believe the fire could've been a blessing in disguise.

Minister Derek McNamara said, "you wouldn't want it to happen again, but we've seen the way it's touched people's lives and people have changed and grown."

Sunday's service held a record number of people, a thought some believe could be the bigger reason for the last two years of heartache.

"Like always, God answered our prayers. Maybe not like we wanted, but how He wants them," said member Lee Martin.

The insurance wouldn't cover the costs of a new church, so the new building was built solely on donations, which came in from all over the South Plains. The minister also told us the church was built for expansion so their next hope is to get enough people in the church to build again.

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