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Shattered Dreams Brings the Fatal Consequences of Drunk Driving to Life

Alcohol related crashes occur about every 30 minutes in the United States, almost half of those are fatal. Coronado High School is hoping its students don't become a statistic.

In Wednesday's "Shattered Dreams" mock crash two kids were killed, three others injured and one arrested. It's a realistic look at how alcohol can change many lives in just seconds. Fortunately, it was all just a reenactment showing high school students the shattering effects drunk driving can have on their lives.

With prom a week away and graduation just two weeks after that, organizers hope the shattered dreams event will help students make responsible decisions. "The purpose of this program is to show the kids that drunk driving is dangerous and the consequences that are involved. We think that if we reach just a few students, then we've accomplished our goal," said Coronado High School Coach Bryan Gerlich.

Throughout the day students were removed from their classes to represent the lives lost each year to drunk driving.

Coronado will continue the program on Thursday. Students will also discuss the effect it had as well as hear from some effected by drunk driving.

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