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Mouth Sore Laser

For those who get canker or cold sores you know the pain, and time it takes for them to heal. Here's something new that may bring the relief you've been hoping for. You'll find it by going to your dentist or orthodontist. It's a laser called the Waterlase.

"We're gonna kill the virus inside of it and instead of having this canker sore on for two weeks hopeful it will be gone in three days or less," said Dr. Richard Betor a dentist. The laser makes the tissue turn white, like a Band-Aid as it's cauterized, but the white disappears in a couple days. The device is mainly used to replace the dental drill actually removing the need for needles and Novocaine. It can literally whiten out cold sores with hardly any pain because it doesn't actually touch the sore. It just treats around it.

"Seconds after the procedure it feels much better than it did. It's flatter, it feels like there's a Band-Aid on it, it really does," said Nicole Doyle a patient. Some Dentists and Orthodontists in Lubbock are using the Waterlase MD to treat cold sores and more. It can even be used to cut through enamel or bone with faster healing and no blood. One dentist told me Wednesday that this really is amazing.

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