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Lubbock Convenience Store Sells Winning $36 Million Lotto Ticket

A $36 million jackpot is still unclaimed and the winning ticket was purchased here in Lubbock. It was sold at the 7-11 at 98th and Indiana. As NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire tells us, the convenience store is buzzing about who is millions richer.

Augustine Lopez stops at the 7-11 at 98th and Indiana almost daily. After learning the winning Lotto ticket was sold there this weekend he and many others customers are fascinated with finding out who is Lubbock's newest millionaire, that's because the winning numbers were announced Saturday and as of Monday afternoon the winner still remained anonymous.

"You should've seen me," said Lopez, "I looked through all my tickets, even the old ones I went through! I thought you never know."

Kirby Hurta said, "Well, I just wished it was me! The guys at work were saying they saw me driving and said, 'we know who didn't win it!'"

Allen Wilhite is Lubbock's last big winner. He took home $5 million in 2002. If the latest winner is from Lubbock, it will be the sixth Lubbockite to hit the Texas Lotto jackpot since 1992.

Some now consider the 7-11 location a lucky store and say they'll keep buying their tickets there. We wanted to know what would you do with your winnings if you won.

"Pay off student loans, buy a boat and go fishing," said Hurta.

"Buy a lot of stuff," said another woman.

"I would share it with poor people," said Lopez. "I would just keep enough to make myself a living and all the rest I would donate."

Whether the location is lucky or not, Lopez says he'll keep playing Lotto Texas and he'll keep buying his tickets at 98th and Indiana.

"Regardless if I win or don't win, I still come here. I like the people who work here. It's the reason I come all the time," said Lopez.

The winner has 180 days to claim the prize. 7-11 and its employees will also get one percent of the $36 million for selling the winning ticket.

Lotto Texas sold its first ticket in 1992. Since then they've raised more than $13 billion for the state.

Here's a look at where the money goes from all lotto Texas ticket sales: 60 percent of it goes to the prizes paid out, 28 percent goes to a foundation school fund for public education. Retailer commissions and the lottery administration gets five percent a piece, and two percent goes to other state programs.

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