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Blood Clots and Birth Control

Eileen Cenci found out the hard way that she should not be taking birth control pills and it turns out, there may be thousands of women like Eileen who don't know they are at risk.

Eileen just thought she had a pinched nerve in her leg. "I felt pain in the lower abdomen down the leg. In two days it really swelled up so I went to my doctor they took one look at me and said you have to go in the hospital," said Eileen.

Eileen had developed a dangerous blood clot in her leg which gave her a constant ache in one leg. For some, the clot can even trigger chest pains and shortness of breath, but many women don't recognize the problem. That's why Dr. Virginia Wettstein is pushing for women to really counsel with their doctor before they begin taking the pill since there is a test for a specific genetic mutation which increases the risk for blood clots.

"I think you should bring it up to your doctors discuss it with your doctor say what are the chances of it being positive and what are you going to do if it is positive," said Dr. Wettstein an Oncologist-Hematologist.

Eileen knows now she has that genetic mutation and is at risk for blood clots. Her doctors have since put her on medication to help prevent that and she has changed her method of birth control.

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