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HealthWise at 5 From 5.1

  • Birth Control for Men

A birth control pill for men could be available in the near future. That's according to researchers at ucla after reviewing thirty clinical trials which looked at hormonal contraception for men much like the pill or patch for women. They found that hormone treatment can stop sperm production but the effect is easily reversed because sperm levels return to normal within three to five months after stopping the treatment. A study led by researchers at the university of Sydney, Australia and harbor-UCLA Medical center in California and published in "the lancet."

  • Obesity Bullies

You've heard the saying sticks and stones may break your bones turns out a new study says names can hurt you too. A study out of the university of florida finds bullying often pushes overweight children away from physical activities, making it even harder for them to lose weight. Researchers surveyed a hundred kids ages eight to eighteen who were patients in an obesity clinic. A fourth of the kids reported problems with bullies, and researchers found as peer taunting went up, physical activity went down adding to the problem.  "Childhood is a time in which we form many of our habits which will hold over later. When one has multiple negative experiences centered around sports or physical activity early on, this can often translate into adulthood," said Eric storch, a psychiatrist and that's why Dr. Storch says teachers and parents should take a lead role in preventing playground bullying and that positive experiences at home can lessen the impact of taunting at school.

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