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Natalie Maines Has Something In Common With Old Classmate

NewsChannel 11 did some research and found a different spin on the phrase "Lubbock or Leave It."

Lubbock native and high school classmate of Natalie Maines, Lizzy McGlynn produced a documentary with the same title. Her short film talks about "the strip" and the number of churches compared to gas stations. But at the end, McGlynn describes the happiness one feels when returning to the Hub City. (Click here to view the documentary.)

"I wanted to represent the fact that even though this fact may be true, there's more to Lubbock than just churches and cows. There are people who really love it, and love life there, and I loved life there," McGlynn said.

McGlynn added that she respects Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks. She says she stood next to Natalie in choir for two years.

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