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Lack of PE in Schools Leading to Unhealthy Future

Remember dressing out for PE in high school? Or, maybe getting an excuse to skip that class? Well, these days, just as obesity is getting out of control, fitness experts say so are the excuses to skip athletics.

The National Association for Sport and Physical Fitness reports that the "No Child Left Behind Act" may be leading to smarter kids, but the lack of emphasis on physical education may also lead to more health problems in the future. And the American Heart Association agrees.

"We are literally on the verge of raising a generation that might not live as long as their parents did because they are not getting exercise, they are not eating right, and they're not taking care of themselves," says Cass Wheeler with the American Heart Association.

While all states mandate some physical education, only two, Illinois and Massachusetts, require it from kindergarten through graduation. And only Montana meets the national recommendation of 225 minutes a week.

And the newest trend? More and more high schools are allowing students to get PE credit by taking the class online.

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