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Kent County Receives Majority of Damage from Recent Severe Weather

If you think only a tornado can cause weather damage, think again. We have video from Wednesday night's thunderstorms that proves wind is pretty powerful when it gusts about 80 miles an hour. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel has this story from Jayton.

"The cloud came in slow we thought we'd miss it, then the wind hit, and pouring rain, and the wind blew hard." Winds in Jayton took a trailer and flipped it completely over on its side. A sight George Chisum didn't see until daylight. "That wind was blowing so hard that was all you could hear."

Anton Spends the Day Picking Up Debris
Anton residents spent the entire night without power. The weather center reported winds up to 70 mile per hour. As a result, crews spent the day repairing downed power lines and clearing debris. But among the debris, NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy found a man who's desperately trying to fix the hole in his roof before it rains again.

In other parts of Kent County roadways turned into rivers from pouring rain. Norman Hall from TXDOT says, "Today we've been stopping vehicles and warning them about high water across the road and they must turn around. Some cross, but no one's got stuck."

NewsChannel 11 brought continuous coverage for nearly two hours Wednesday night. 80% of that coverage focused on Kent County and tornado warnings. Our storm chasers did see a funnel, that never touched down, never the less, the weather service still reported that Kent County got the worst of the damage.

"We're also trying to monitor how much damage we've done to our road signs." Kent County workers say about 20 road signs were knocked out by flying debris or high winds. But their biggest concern is clearing the streets of flooding waters. "Water is one foot now, cars can pass right now, we'll monitor it and make sure everybody stays safe and out of it."

Crews cleaned the storm's leftovers all night and all day. They found damage in homes, roofs, water towers, and roads, and say they're standing by for more of Mother Nature's surprises.

No injuries have been reported due to the storm. But Farm Road 2320 in Northwest Kent County will remain closed until the flooding goes down.

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