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Possums Finding Homes in Lubbock City Limits

A viewer contacted NewsChannel 11 to ask about the increased number of possums in our area. We took her question to experts at the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. They say possums don't usually carry rabies but they do wander and make homes wherever it is convenient.

For the most part, they are good animals. They eat insects and mice. Pet food is even more inviting. Debbie Tennyson with the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center says, "Wildlife have to adapt into situations and they can't make their homes like we do so if you have a good habitat in your backyard, they will take that space." She says as development grows, wildlife are trying to find more places to live.

You may have also heard the saying "playing possum." That's because when a possum is threatened, they will mimic the very convincing appearance and smell of a sick or dead animal. So if you find an injured or apparently dead possum, you might just want to leave his stiff and curled body alone. Chances are, it will wake up soon and be on its way.

If you have any other questions, contact the South Plains Rehabilitation Center at (806) 799-2142.

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