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Mother's Moods

Just in time for Mother's Day. A new study tells us for sure, make mom happy and the whole family lightens up. This landmark study at the University of North Carolina sends a strong message that just as depression hurts a lot of people happiness helps, especially when it's the mom who's smiling.

"Maternal depression can be a risk factor for a number of different types of disorders in kids. We found that a larger number of those children got better if their mothers got better," said Erin Malloy, a UNC Psychiatrist.

The children got better in terms of everything from depression and anxiety to attention deficit disorder. The study of 150 mothers and their children suggests treating mom's depression helps reduce a variety of risks in youngsters. On the flip side, the study showed that mental health problems increased among kids whose mothers depression did not get better.

Researchers say their findings clearly show that even though many moms are quick to do for others in the family mothers need to take care of themselves first when it comes to depression, because the rest of the family will benefit from that. The study is in the April issue of Jama.

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