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Burglars Posing as Cops Invade Lubbock Home

Lubbock Police have some positive leads after five men allegedly broke into a home, then beat and robbed the two people inside.

The incident happened at 233 Grover, just blocks away from Shadow Hills Golf Course in northwest Lubbock. Five men, who claimed to be Lubbock Police Officers, kicked in the door. When they entered, holding a shotgun, they told the two men inside that they were with the ATF.

Police arrived just before 2 a.m. on Wednesday. 21-year-old Antuwan Johnson and his roommate told police that the men tied their wrists with plastic restraints and demanded money and weapons. When they said they didn't have any the suspects kicked them and hit them with the shotgun. Then one of the suspects held a shotgun on the victims while the others ransacked the house and stole more than $450.

"They said, 'Don't move!' They all had walkie-talkies, and I hear a guy come on and he said 'The front's clear, everybody move out!' When they came in they knew what they were doing. They had planned this from... they had planned this for awhile," Johnson said.

The victims told police that the five men were wearing ski masks and bandanas to cover their faces. They also had on camouflage and ATF shirts. But police say they probably just associated what the suspects were wearing with what they heard.

Police say the suspects knew the victims and probably knew that there was cash inside the house.

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