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The Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles: Does It Work? Part 1

The Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles. You pay the $25 for the product and apparently it will clean your dirty shower for you, but Does It Work?

You get two bottles of scrubbing bubble solution. It snaps into the machine carriage that runs on four double A batteries. It also comes with a hook so you can hang it from the shower head. In my shower, I have grout that is dark in color. You can tell from the top, it is supposed to be whiter than it is on the bottom. We will see how well this works. Because on the box, it's supposed to turn dirty grout into something sparkly.

Before we get started, we needed to get the shower wet. This is how the product works, you press the button and it will beep 15 times. Basically, giving you 15 second to shut the door, or close the shower curtains. As sprays, it rotates for 12 seconds.

I opened the door to my shower and double checked where it sprayed. It only sprayed my shower to chin level. I stand about 5'5" tall.

We are giving this product 14 days. We will check back to see if the Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles can turn my shower tile grout white again!

The Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles: Does It Work? Part 2
The results of the Automatic Scrubbing Bubbles. You just push a button and it is supposed to clean your shower for you. But Does It Work? NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy tested this product for three weeks and has the results.

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