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New PET/CT Scanner

We hear a lot about PET scans and CT scans. But now, for the first time we have a machine in Lubbock that does both. It's at the Lubbock Imaging Center where they held an open house today to demonstrate the benefits of combining these two hi-tech procedures.

"Now what it does is it utilizes the CT scanner and a PET scanner in one unit. The advantage of that is you're able to get all of the functional anatomy combined in one scan. So that if theres a tumor that you cant see on the CT scan the pet scan will help you find it," said Dr. Scott Dahlback, a Radiation Oncologist.

The PET scan is a powerful diagnostic tool that shows metabolic activity in the body. While the CT scan provides detailed pictures of the anatomy highlighting "hot spots" that may reveal cancer or other structural changes.

Dr. Dahlback says the PET/CT scan in one machine will add a real convenience to the patient who can get both these tests now in one visit and it's not just for cancer patients. It can also be used in finding the right treatment for heart disease as well as some neurological conditions.

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