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Grapefruit Makes A Comeback

Grapefruit may be making a comeback! Millions took it off their grocery list a decade ago when it was discovered that the juice interacts with a number of common drugs like cholesterol and blood pressure medication.

But now, scientists at the University of North Carolina have identified the culprit, a group of chemicals called furanocoumarins, or FC's. And they've proven that by taking the FC's out of grapefruit juice they can eliminate the problem.

"Just as there is lactose free milk for lactose intolerance there could be FC free juice that could be purchased for people who might have drug interaction issue but don't want to give up grapefruit juice," said Dr. Paul Watkins, a grapefruit researcher at the University of North Carolina.

Dr. Watkins adds that when they removed the FC's it also made the grapefruit sweeter. But it's to soon to tell if companies might start producing grapefruit juice without the FC's. For now, it's important to remember that the grapefruit juice on the market today still contains FC compounds and will interact with certain medications.

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