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Food for Thought Report 5.11

Health inspectors were so busy checking out school cafeterias this week that we're holing those inspections for a special edition of Food for Thought Friday at six and ten. But when it comes to restaurants we only have one top performer and three lows to tell you about.

The name and location may be familiar, but it's a completely new place. J Pats Irish Pub and Sports Grill at 1211 University is a Food for Thought top performer. Open less than two months co-owner Felenia Burge says it's not J. Patrick O'Malley's that was commonly known as "J Pats" back in the 1990's - this is just J Pats. She says it's hard work and dedication from a great staff that keeps them cooking up perfection.

First on the list of low performer's is O'hana Mongolian BBQ at 3410 98th Street with violations.

The next restaurant on the list is Durango's Restaurant at 4001 19th Street. Manager Anna Astorga invited NewsChannel 11 inside their kitchen to explain their violations.

  • Chili rellenos were being held at 126-127 degrees. Hot foods must be at least 140 degrees.

"We have the pan of chili rellenos in another pan to keep it from burning, so that was kind of distributing the heat away from the chili rellenos itself. So we did turn it up and add a little extra water in the steam table, and it seems to be taking care of the situation," Astorga said.

  • Employees were not practicing good hygiene.

"(Cooks) do use the towels instead of pot holders to grab plates, but we did away with that. We gave them pot holders and told them please don't do that again. So now they understand they are canceling out the hand washing when they grab the towels," Astorga said.

  • Raw chicken and beef were thawing in the same container.

"They're in a sealed bag, but they have to be separate incase one does leak - they have to be in separate containers. So we did - we split them and have two containers side by side now," Astorga said.

  • There was no thermometer in a beer cooler where milk was stored.

"We had one of the employees put the milk up here and it doesn't go up here, it goes in the walk-in cooler. So that's why he said if the milk's going to be up here you need to have a thermometer. We corrected it, we took the milk back where it goes," Astorga said.

  • There was rust on the shield inside the ice machine.

"When you lift up the lid there's a shield that drops the ice this way so it doesn't fall out of the ice machine and there was a collection of rust toward the end. So we scrubbed it, we cleaned it, we took care of that," Astorga said.

Astorga says she strives to keep her restaurant clean because that's the kind of environment where she likes to dine. "I mean I understand when you are busy things are going to fall on the floor and you're going to clean it up later, but it's important for us to make sure it always looks clean to the best that we can," Astorga said. All violations were corrected on site.

Pete's Drive-In at 4156 34th Street has five critical.

  • Chili, raw chicken and hot dogs were found at 45 degrees. Cold foods must be kept at 41 degrees or colder.
  • Chili was held for more than 24-hours without proper date marking.
  • A hose hooked to the faucet of a 3-compartment-sink does not have a check valve and is creating cross contamination.
  • A meat slicer was soiled.
  • The establishment's heath permit was expired.

Management at Pete's Drive-In says, "Everything has since been corrected. Our top priority is keeping our customers happy." The report shows that most violations were corrected on site.

Now for second helping of Food for Thought. We have three schools who get gold stars this week and ten that have some work to do. We start with those at the head of the class.

Arnett Elementary at 701 East Queens Avenue cooked up perfection, making them a Food for Thought top performers.

The next school graduating the semester with high honors is Lubbock High at 2004 19th Street.

And Martin Elementary at 2315 E. Broadway Avenue is perfect with zero critical violations.

Now on to our long list of low performers.

We begin with Brown Elementary at 2315 36th.

* Inspectors say food contact surfaces were found soiled.

Inspectors also say the vent area and ceiling tiles over the food prep area were also soiled.

Project Intercept at 1323 E. 24th also had one critical violation.

* Inspectors found evidence of mouse droppings in a storage area.

Next at Parsons Elementary at 2811 58th Street:

* Good hygienic practices were not being followed. Inspectors observed a drinking container stored over food equipment.

Two critical violations were noted at Bayless Elementary at 2115 58th Street.

* Toxic items were not properly stored. Inspectors say the containers used to store thermometers was filled with sanitizer and places next to food and food contact surfaces.

* Soiled equipment was stored as clean equipment.

Waters Elementary at 3006 78th Street had the same two critical violations.

* A sanitizing bucket was stored with clean equipment.

* Food contact surfaces were soiled.

Coronado High School Catering at 3307 Vicksburg was cited for two critical violations.

* Ham with an expired date marking was still in the refrigerator.

* Sanitizer was not properly stored.

Inspectors also note that insulated containers for transporting food was only being clean with sanitizer water. It must also be clean with soapy water.

Next Ed Irons Junior High at 5214 79th also had two critical violations.

* Inspectors found sausage patties with an out-dated incorrect date-mark.

* A pizza cutter and measuring cup stored with clean utensils were found soiled.

Inspectors also noted that the vent hood was soiled.

Inspectors cited Evans Junior High at 4211 58th Street with two critical violations.

* There was a potential for cross-contamination due to improper storage of equipment. Inspectors say equipment used for the ice machine was exposed to a variety of conditions then being used on ice.

* Pans were found soiled.

Atkins Junior High at 5401 Ave. U had three critical violations.

* First employees were not washing hands or wearing gloves between job duties.

* Next containers used to store thermometers filled with sanitizer were stored next to food and food contact surfaces.

* Dishes and equipment were found soiled.

Inspectors also noted that a dead roach was found on the floor in the ice cream area.

We contacted Aramark School Support Services, who manages all of LISD's kitchens, they released this comment: "Our top priority is to ensure that the food served at LISD is of the highest quality within the safest environment possible. We continuously train our managers and employees on proper techniques in food handling and food safety procedures. The violations that were found during the inspection were corrected on site."

Reports show that as well.

And finally Christ the King School at 4012 56th had three critical violations.

* Inspectors say food was not reaching 140 degrees when cooked.

* Employees were not properly washing hands before putting on gloves.

* Drinks without lids and other personal drinks were not properly stored.

Lighting in the cooler was not working, there was lint on the ceiling vent and improper storage of an ice scoop.

A representative with the Christ the King says, "We always strive to make sure our establishment is spotless. Especially for the sake of the children."

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Food for Thought 5.11
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