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Lawmakers Pass School Finance Reform Legislation

State lawmakers have come up with legislation to fund public schools and all it needs is the governor's signature. If passed, the school start date would change to the fourth Monday of August, with no exceptions. Right now, schools start the week of August 21st. Teachers and other school faculty would receive a $2,000 raise.

A teacher excellence program would be established that would provide bonuses to teachers for improving student performance. The plan also calls for a high school allotment. It would give districts $275 for every high school student. It does not say how the money should be spent. Campus financial information and academic performance data would be made available online. It would also establish a statewide electronic system to keep student records. It would require students to have four years of math and science in high school.

The House approved the measure Friday. The Texas Supreme Court gave lawmakers until June 1st to overhaul the school finance system. Governor Rick Perry can sign it into law, veto it, or allow it to become law without his signature.

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