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Baby Blues Or Postpartum Depression?

It is one of the most common complications of pregnancy, postpartum depression, and it affects one in ten women.

Often these women have a great pregnancy with fun baby showers and a perfect nursery...and then this terrible sadness creeps in. So how can new moms tell if they're just feeling the baby blues or if it's postpartum depression?

"Baby blues which affects most women up to 70 percent or more usually occurs in two to three weeks and goes away - if symptoms persist after that time then you graduate so to speak into something more severe post part um depression," said Samantha Meltzer-Brody, a UNC Psychiatrist.

So why focus on all this as we are about to celebrate mother's day weekend? Advocates pushing for federal action to require screening for postpartum depression are planning to lobby on Capitol Hill. New Jersey has already passed a first of its kind law requiring doctors to educate expectant mothers and their families about postpartum depression and to screen new moms for the common condition.

Dr. Brody says families should know that although postpartum depression usually strikes within the first three months after giving birth, it can appear any time during the first year. Women should know that treatment is available.

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