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The Nelson Auction Has Date & an Impressive List of Items

Mark your calendars, but in pencil only. The auction has tentatively been set for July 15th and it will be held in Lubbock. The federal government is expected to recover $4.5 million from the sale of Nelson's items. The list is long and enticing!

Look for the metal archway that says "Town and Country Airport." It is the way to a gold mine that could be yours. Let us just give you a taste of what you can expect. They are items that "Jody" Nelson has spent years accumulating with millions of stolen money.

17 four wheelers, from Kawasaki's to Yamahas. Four all terrain mules. Five dune buggies, two Go-Karts, seven dirt bikes that are for motocross racing and trail riding.

One John Deere 42 in. riding mower. Ten agricultural tractors of all sorts, along with field and crop tractors and combines. You will also get the chance to bid on three dump trucks and two granite tractors.

You will also have three chances to win custom built motorcycles, two of which are Harley Davidsons. Three crotch rockets are on the list that are made by Suzuki and Titan.

Here is what will make your mouth water. NewsChannel 11 counted 46 vehicles on the list to be auctioned. They range from luxury, sport, pick-up trucks, and classic cars.

One motor home, six boats from pontoon to racing boats. Eight jet skis. Four planes. One helicopter and a slew of various stock trailers and farming equipment.

The Town and Country Airport is located at 12201 County Rd 2500 in South Lubbock. Message Boards
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